Whether you’re considering sperm donation or you simply want a few tips to increase your sperm count, find out all you need to know here. Our fertility experts share their knowledge on male fertility facts, so you can be prepared for your journey to growing a family.

Secondary Infertility: I already have a child, so why can’t I fall pregnant again?

You already have a happy, healthy toddler, and you’ve been trying for more than six months to give them a sibling – but nothing is happening. Having had a child already is a key promising predictive factor to conceiving again, but it’s no guarantee. 

Written by Dr Hossam Elzeiny
20 Jan

There’s a sperm donor shortage in Australia – but only 20% of men know about it

The leading fertility clinics in the Virtus Health group, including IVF Australia, Melbourne IVF and Q

Written by Virtus Health
17 Mar

Post mortem sperm retrieval – a matter of life and death

Further to his interview on Channel 9’s 60 minutes programme, Dr Ben Kroon of Queensland Fertility Group discusses the topic of post mortem sperm retrieval.

Thankfully for the vast majority of people, post mortem sperm retrieval will never become a reality.

Written by Dr Ben Kroon
17 Nov

Sperm Donation: Giving the gift of life

The obsession with the celebrity world seemed to lift to new heights recently, when Australian media reported on a UK based sperm donor service that stated it aimed t

Written by Prof. Michael Chapman
22 Nov