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7 myths about trying to conceive

One of the great ironies in a woman’s life is that after spending most of our 20s trying not to get pregnant, we then wind up in our 30s or 40s desperately trying to do the opposite.
Written by Virtus Health
03 Oct

How low is too low when it comes to AMH?

The Anti-Mullerian Hormone (or AMH) is a hormone produced by the primary follicles (small clusters of cells that surround immature eggs) in a woman’s ovaries. An AMH test can give you an indication of your ovarian reserve compared to other women of a similar age.

Written by Dr Raelia Lew
08 Sep

Does the collection of more eggs increase your chance of pregnancy from IVF?

New research indicates that egg quantity is an important determinant of IVF success

One of the success factors many women and couples focus on when undergoing IVF treatment is the number of eggs retrieved at the oocyte pick up (OPU) stage of the cycle.

Written by Dr Christos Venetis
05 Jul

Why is iodine important to preconception and pregnancy health?

It's important to understand that lifestyle factors contribute to fertility.
Written by Dr Myran Ponnam-Palam
16 Aug

Seeing an IVF clinic doesn’t mean you have to do IVF

When couples first start thinking about seeing a fertility specialist, because they are having difficulties conceiving, part of the hesitation about going to a fertility & IVF clinic is often patients aren’t yet ready to consider IVF treatment.

Written by Dr Frank Quinn
28 Apr