Fertility preservation

When it comes to fertility, timing is of the essence. Understand your options when it comes to fertility preservation, what’s involved in the egg freezing process and likelihood of success, sperm freezing options for men, as well as the latest research in the area.

Is delaying parenthood ruining my chances of conceiving?


Many celebrities seem to be able to beat their biological clock and have successful pregnancies in their late 40’s, including Halle Berry, Kristin Davis, Nicole Kidman, Natalie Imbruglia, Mariah Carey to name a few.

Written by Virtus Health
23 Sep

Eggs on ice

You might have a top-shelf full of anti-aging products, but when it comes to fertility, it's time to talk about egg-freezing.

Written by Blog Admin
15 Oct

The future of fertility

Thanks to science, it’s becoming easier to overcome some of the hurdles to parenthood.

Written by Blog Admin
08 Oct

Australian women are increasingly turning to egg freezing to protect their fertility

Egg freezing, originally developed to protect the future fertility of oncology patients before they started their cancer treatment, is now an established fertility preservation technique, with thousan

Written by Dr Manuela Toledo
19 Sep

Reversing the Snip

Is it too late to have another chance at fatherhood?

Life can be unexpected. Although having a vasectomy may have been right for you a few years ago, you may be wishing that it wasn’t so permanent, as you now want to have another child.

Written by Dr Jeffrey Persson
20 Apr

Fertility Preservation - Understanding Your Options

The recent news of Apple and Facebook offering female staff egg freezing to preserve their fertility has resulted in lively debates about its apparent pros and cons. But there’s no question that some women are interested in putting their fertility on ice. 

Written by Dr Michele Kwik
13 Nov