Fertility preservation

When it comes to fertility, timing is of the essence. Understand your options when it comes to fertility preservation, what’s involved in the egg freezing process and likelihood of success, sperm freezing options for men, as well as the latest research in the area.

Egg Freezing - No insurance policy, but is it better than doing nothing?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics announcement that the average age of mothers is 30.7 with the number of teenage mothers the lowest in a decade and the number of over 40 year old mothers increasing raises the issue of how to protect and preserve a woman’s fertility.

Written by Virtus Health
01 Nov

Fertility Preservation: Hope for the future

60 Minutes featured a story on ovarian tissue grafting, a procedure that is attracting more attention for its ability to preserve a woman’s fertility until later in life.

Written by Dr Kate Stern
23 Nov