Miscarriage is a lot more common than most people think, and carries with it a heavy emotional toll for couples and individuals. Here, you can find trusted information about miscarriage from our fertility experts, why it occurs, and what increases the risk of pregnancy loss. Plus, we offer support and advice from our counsellors.

Fertility and Smoking

Clear the air for your fertility, pregnancy and baby.
Written by Dr Raelia Lew
09 Jun

What is embryo screening and is it right for me?

One significant development in assisted reproductive technology (ART) in the last 25 years is our ability to remove cells from a developing embryo and perform genetic testing.

Written by Dr Fleur Cattrall
06 Oct
Written by Virtus Health
26 May

Conceiving in your 40s, what are the chances?

I was recently asked to comment in a Sun Herald article on 26th August (also published online here: Sydney Morning Herald) on Collette Dinnigan, who

Written by Assoc. Prof. Peter Illingworth
10 Oct