Fertility treatments don't just mean IVF. There's a long list of treatments available for men and women depending on your individual needs. Let's break these down. 

Endometrial Scratching & IVF

After multiple unsuccessful IVF cycles, couples often ask about alternative

Written by Dr Min Kho
18 Jul

IUI versus IVF

To help you decide what approach might be best for you.
Written by Dr Roland Chieng
07 Jul

Progesterone and Pregnancy

Progesterone is an important part of infertility treatment, with fertility specialists often prescribing progesterone supplements to help improve pregnancy rates from IVF.

Written by Dr Kokum Jayasinghe
20 May

Tubal Ligation Reversal vs IVF – Options & Success Rates

Tubal ligation reversal versus IVF: What are the options if you want to have another baby? 

Tubal ligation is a procedure women undergo to have their fallopian tubes permanently blocked, either by clipping, cutting, or burning.  It is one of the most effective forms of permane

Written by Dr Alice Huang
22 Apr

What is embryo screening and is it right for me?

One significant development in assisted reproductive technology (ART) in the last 25 years is our ability to remove cells from a developing embryo and perform genetic testing.

Written by Dr Fleur Cattrall
06 Oct

IVF & embryo donation – the gift of a family

With Sofia Vergara, star of the hit TV show Modern Family, reportedly in a battle with her ex-fiancé over the rights to frozen embryos they created while together, the press attention around her situation has thrown issues surrounding stored embryos into the spotlight.

Written by Dr Melissa Luckensmeyer
07 May