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Is it a boy? But we want a girl!

I sympathise with the many couples which consult with me each year about the possibility of accessing sex selection for family balancing reasons.  For the most part, these couples are asking for genuine and valid reasons, and I understand my patients’ desire to experience the differences, joys and difficulties of raising both boys and girls.

So why not allow Australians to get the balance right?  The debate around whether sex selection for social reasons should be legalised in Australia has been on the agenda since 2004 when the National Health and Medical Research Institute outlawed sex selection for social reasons on moral and ethical grounds.  Ethicists, lawyers, scientists, doctors and the community have all argued their cases for and against with varying degrees of intensity over the years, but are we getting closer to an accepting community that wants the right to choose?

I am for it.  Having worked in the field of reproductive medicine helping infertile couples to conceive for more than 25 years, it is clear that many couples will try anything to help them predetermine the sex of their future child through all sorts of pre-conceptual natural remedies and methods widely publicised and available on the internet.  Information about special diets, complementary medicines and the timing of intercourse all claim to offer the solution.  To think that people aren’t using these methods already is naïve. Couples have used these techniques for centuries.

All of these methods are not regulated or banned by government.  The only restrictions are on embryo selection using IVF - WHICH WORKS.

The risk that we face by not allowing sex selection is that couples that can’t access it here will go overseas where it’s legal, such as India or the United States.  On average around a dozen or so couples I treat head overseas every year for treatment with the desire to sex select.  In some countries the quality control regulations may not be as stringent as those in Australia, and in the United States, the cost of treatment at some private clinics can be upwards of US$20,000. There is also a greater risk that couples will choose to terminate a pregnancy if the fetus is not the desired sex.

The argument for allowing sex selection focuses on freedom of choice for couples.  The technology is available in Australia, and is currently used for medical conditions that affect one gender, such as haemophilia and muscular dystrophy, so that only unaffected embryos will be chosen for transfer.  So why not allow families who will self fund, and have the desire to even the gender playing field in their family, have the right to choose? 

The case against social sex selection is more complex.  The argument centres on the premise that parenthood should be based on the unconditional love and acceptance of a child for who they are. There is also concern that sex selection will lead to a bias towards one gender, such as less women and more men.  This is likely to be more of an issue in Asian or Middle Eastern countries where boys are favoured over girls.  In the United States, doctors estimate that 80% of couples choose girls over boys. 

Then there are those that argue sex selection is a slippery slope towards ‘designer babies’.  The technical term for this, eugenics, allows features such as eye colour, height and intelligence to be chosen prior to conception.  I don’t think anybody who is arguing the case for sex selection is suggesting we go as far as eugenics – that is a different argument altogether.  Although an event held at The Australian Forum for Live Debate last week argued the case for and against designer babies.  The audience was polled prior to the debate and after, with more than 27% of the undecided audience swinging towards the pro argument by the end of the debate.  Perhaps this is a conversation for me to tackle in a future post.

Many people don’t care about the sex of their children – most just want a healthy baby; there are few surprises in life and for many, this is one they are happy to accept.  But most people that do care about the gender of their future baby are the ones that already have two, three or four children of one sex, and are desperate for a boy (or vice versa). 

So what needs to happen for sex selection to be legalised in Australia?  Demand from the community will be the clincher.

If you are like me and support the move for legalised sex selection for family balancing reasons, let us know your thoughts here.  Do you or someone you know wish to choose the sex of your future children, and for what reason….family balancing?

Watch a recent episode on the SBS Insight program regarding 'Designing Babies' where Dr David Molloy was a guest.

Professor Michael Chapman adds:

"I recently appeared on Channel 7's The Morning Show to talk about the increasing number of Australian's travelling overseas for Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD); specifically to choose the sex of their baby.

Sex selection for family balancing is an option most commonly considered by Australian families who have a number of children of the same sex, rather than those trying for their first child.

As David's blog explains in more detail, in Australia, fertility clinics are tightly regulated, and National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines state that we cannot use PGD for sex selection family balancing; only for medical reasons (for example, in diagnosing conditions including haemophilia).

The key issues for families considering travelling overseas for PGD include how they will look after their other children (in most cases), and what expenses they will incur as a result.

They also need to consider how they choose their overseas fertility clinic.  I would strongly advise they speak to an Australian fertility specialist first, to see if they have knowledge of the doctors and clinics overseas that offer this service.

Patients also need to consider how many patient cycles the overseas clinic undertakes in a year, and what their success rates are."

NHMRC Review


The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is calling for public submissions on its draft guidelines that would potentially allow gender selection for non-medical reasons when undergoing assisted reproductive technology. Find out how to have your say on the NHMRC website »



In my family its boys, boys, boys, and now I have added to the pool with another boy. Seeing a set of testicles during the delivery of my son was an anticlimax to what should have been a special moment. While I do love my son, the prospect of never having a daughter fills me with profound sadness. It is downright immoral to force couples down the same path as my parents of having multiple births when modern medicine is available that would allows gender selection and determining a happier outcome for all involved. This law achieves nothing except forcing couples to either travel abroad to choose the gender, or have multiple abortions.

In my family its no girls or no boys - the prospect of having no children fills us with profound sadness

I agree with your article and had a chuckle when I read Dean's comments. Our family is all boys too. My brother has 4 boys and we have 2. All of my close friends have boys except for one who has 2 girls! We literally live and breathe boys! Although we have shared our desires with our children about adding to our family, we have never mentioned having a 'girl' to them, and yet they constantly ask when can they get a sister. We have looked into travelling to the USA and were booked in to have the procedure done this September just gone. Unfortuantely, the cost of travelling on top of the actual medical expenses - not to mention the price of the injections...tipped us over what we could comfortably afford. I've just started looking into what Thailand can offer and find myself getting so angry that Australia has such a ridiculous law. I've heard how amazing the IVF facilities are in Australia and yet the Aussies are the ones travelling abroad. Doesn't make much sense to me!

Oh no! Please don't let our society travel down this path. Gender selection brings us so far from what humanity is all about. Parents who could possibly be 'disappointed' with a baby boy or a baby girl need to really reflect on what parenting is all about. It deeply saddens me that there would be such a demand. I actually read a great article in the newspaper a couple of weeks ago about the benefits of raising children of the same gender (ie. only sons or only daughters).

I think we have become a little too materialistic and concerned with what others have that 'we' don't. Please rethink your decisions - particularly when people like Michelle (see above) are yearning for a CHILD (not a boy or girl). Thank you, Michelle.

I am pregnant with my 3rd son. I balled my eyes out when I found out that I was having another boy. I know I will never experience a daughter and my partner won't either.
Why is it illegal to choose the gender of a baby? I am not saying people should be able to choose their first borns gender but if you have 3 or more of the same gender, surely if you're paying out of your own pocket you could get a little girl or boy (whichever you dreamt of)
They allow same sex couples to have IVF, why can't we choose gender? I don't understand

We have 3 daughters, with our 3rd we tried a gender selection kit from USA which was supposed to have a 96% success rate. At our 20 week scan we found ourselves with another girl. I cried alot that day not because we were having a beautiful daughter but that my husband and I so desparatly wanted a son to raise and as we werent going to have any more that was that. Since then we are now looking into how we can make that happen overseas but the cost of it is very daunting!

Why would you choose your baby's gender? If God wants you to have a girl/boy then so be it. Accept them for whatever gender they are and stop being so picky!

Totally agree we should have the option to gender select. Obviously with some restrictions as in if you already have 2 or more of the same sex already. If couples are traveling overseas for it then what's the difference of having it done here or there? These babies are not designer babies, they are fulfilling an unexplainable desire that some people year inside. I know I would use the technology if It were available. My sons an I are very very close but they are 'boys' at then end of the day and have very different interests to us mummies! A little girl would be lovely to experience, especially when she becomes a mum of her own- I think that's something very special most women would want to experience! And really who is this hurting????

Yes definitely! I'm all for it! Really it's not hurting anyone, just fulfilling a deep desire many of us women have. Many of my friends and I have boys who we love unconditionally but still would love a daughter to have that wonderful mother daughter relationship we have with out mums. :) We are willing to go overseas for gender selection, but it really is a shame we can't do it here where I am a lot more comfortable with our doctors and hospital systems. Also it will always be cheaper in Thailand so banning it here really isn't preventing it from occurring with Australians- just posing more risk to them!

I, like many people have one problem with gender selection and that is what happens to the "unwanted" embryo's? They get destroyed. I personally think that yes Aussies should be allowed to access this technology but on the proviso that they on donate the "unwanted" embryos to other couples. This would ensure that these embryos do not go to waste and also reduce the huge waiting lists for embryo adoption. I think if this was to happen it removes the stigma attached to the gender selection process and gives many people the chance to just be a parent... A chance that they may never have without embryo adoption.

Sex selection should absolutely be available for families wishing to balance the gender of their children. Does anyone know who in particular can be contacted to change these laws? If there is someone / committee lets put the pressure on!

My husband and I have two beautiful girls whom we love to bits. We would dearly love to expand our family but for many reasons we wish for a boy this time. It is certainly about balancing our family and I believe we should have that right. We are professional happily married people who can provide a living home and we are so frustrated that we cannot access sex selection technology. We have explored travelling to the USA but the cost and practicality is prohibitive. I wouldn't like to go to Asia personally and I plead with the politicians to allow us this choice. Who are we hurting by bringing a wanted son and brother into our life. We have entertained all of the 'alternative' ways to determine a boy but we so desperately want a boy yet I would not be willing to terminate a pregnancy simply due to it being the wrong sex. So for now we wait, hoping the rules will change in our favour before it is too late and we are too old. Please please change the rules.

Make it legal. A family who go to such lengths obviously want a boy/ girl so much they will undoubtedly be loved and if the family feels complete then good for them, not hurting anyone.

I was always morally opposed to gender selection, until after 3 years of infertility we found ourselves pregnant with female twins. We are over the moon to have our girls on the way, but always wanted 4 children and would both love to have a son (or two!). Given that we will already be up for thousands of dollars for our next IVF cycles, and embryos will likely be leftover and donated either way, I don't see the problem with us choosing to have 1-2 male embryos transferred for our next cycle. However, I do not believe that Medicare rebates should be available for the genetic testing and gender selection component of our IVF cycle, nor for any part of a cycle for a fertile couple who choose to select based on gender. I used to think "you get what you're given", but as reproduction became an increasingly medical procedure for us, I stopped having a moral argument against selecting embryos 1+3, compared to 2+4. I would love to see this procedure available in Australia, but we already have plans to travel to the USA for treatment if it is not available in Australia when we choose to expand our family.

I have three children, and am pregnant with my fourth. I have a son, a daughter, and an intersexed child we chose to raise as a boy. I, myself, am one of five children - Two boys and three girls. I had the most balanced upbringing. We played traditionally male and female games and developed an understanding of the opposite sex to a degree. My siblings and I have always enjoyed close friendships with members of both sexes, and, unlike some girls I knew who had no brothers, my sisters and I were friends with males as opposed to giggling and acting like complete fools around them. My own children do the same. I love to watch the interactions between the two sexes. Being a parent of an intersex child also, shows just how differently you unconsciously treat the different sexes, which is something I thought I would never be guilty of. We had no idea our intersexed child had male chromosomes until our baby girl was four months old.
I apologise for rambling, but my point is, why not allow families to choose the sex of their children? How does it harm the children, and is that not the point? I'm only coming at it from one perspective, but I sometimes feel bad for the families who don't have the input of both sexes in their children, even if the parents are quite happy with what they have, and this is only because I've experienced the family I have. Nobody is saying they will love the children they birth any less, just that they feel the need for that special connection that comes with a particular sex. And nobody can deny there are huge differences in the nature of both sexes. Take it from someone who doesn't encourage any gender differences or distinct gender roles or toys in my home for the sake of my intersexed child, so that he can choose what his preferences are as much as possible.
Lets face it, we all agree with some degree of scientific intervention, or we wouldn"t be on an IVF website. :)

My partner and myself will go through IVF/ICSI next month with QFG. Of course our priority is to have a healthy baby but we are dreaming for a little girl. My partner already has 2 boys from a previous relationship and there are already 8 boys in the family! Everybody is craving for a girl now! I really think that sex selection should be made available in special circumstances!

I am on this IVF website purely out of curiosity. When I was pregnant with my son 17 years ago, I wasn't overly concerned with the sex, but was slightly leaning to a girl . When my son was born, I fell in love with him instantly.I was happy I had a boy!. Just wanted one child so I was finished .Personally, I find it disturbing when couples who already have either a few boys, or a few girls, keep popping out babies until they get their desired girl /boy. One could argue that having the sex selection procedure would prevent these ,very sadly ,unwanted babies being born
I feel sorry for people who are incurably infertile.

I completely understand why couples wish to chose the sex of their babies. Like myself and my hubby, we also would absolutely love a little girl, we sadly lost our beautiful girl at nearly 2 years old to SIDS, since then we have had 3 gorgeous healthy boys, we love them all more then words can say but still really badly want another little girl and to say you get what get and to pretty much deal with it, is just not fair, talking about God, I still to this day (its been nearly 5 years) DO NOT understand why she was taken away from us, she was loved sooooooooo much by me, my hubby pretty much everyone who ever met her and to be told sorry NO you're never having another daughter again, is just mean. I unfortunately will never get that chance now, as we are not having any more children, but I don't think its right to get that decision denied but people who obviously don't or have never walked in our shoes. I say bring in Gender Selection and stop living in dark ages!!!!!

Wow what a subject with opposing opinions and little fine print in between to suit peoples personal circumstances. I have been following the thread and sit back to contemplate all that I read and check in with my feelings, and talk with my clients.
My clients are couples trying to conceive - I work with Lifestyle factors like fitness, nutrition and coping stress mechanisms. So I get to experience many stories, many situations and many emotions through my doors. But overall, the underlying common denominator is couple having the agony of hope in trying to conceive.
Once this occurs (it seems) people start to raise the bar, want other demands placed on the health care industry to deliver the next lot of "i want, I want, I want". Justifying to yourselves that this is ok only if X Y and Z is put in place. Bottom line is most of us on this site have come from a place of yearning to have a child - any gender child....and now it reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Creating peace within your lives, with the gifts you have been given and share this with your children - the ones that have CHOSEN YOU for parents - to learn from, to be guided by. Lets not fool ourselves that feelings of rejection are not transferred over to our loved ones. Love with depth, live in peace - in gratitude for allowing me to be the voice for many clients who would not necessarily go on the site and comment <3

I'm undecided on this issue but after watching my sister try and try for a boy and ending up with seven girls maybe there is a place. I am happy to say that they are finally pregnant with a boy. I believe if they had been able to choose a boy they wouldn't have had so many children. Of course knowing these 7 little girls, you wouldn't want to give up any of them. Very hard subject!

Gender selection can be extremely important for some families and should be available to Australians. Some of the above comments point out that couples should happy with what they get, however there are instances where having a child of a specific gender would be in the best interest of both the couple and the child, these can include same sex couples who are concerned that a male child may not have a strong male influence due the couples lifestyle. Another instance could be a couple who have previously lost a child of a specific gender and, due to the emotional impact of this loss would find it difficult to raise another child of that gender as it may feel like a "replacement" of their lost child.
These are valid concerns and in the interest of providing a happy, nurturing environment for the unborn child, Australian couples should have the opportunity, if they wish, to choose the gender of their offspring.

Of course it should be legalised this is archaic and Australians should be mortified.

I am a single Mother and used Ivf to have my beautiful son. His donor is American and I selected him (with the help of some friends and wine) from a huge list of donors. His is a designer baby in every sense as I deliberately chose a donor that was

Thin ( try to counteract the chubby gene in my family)
High IQ
Long eyelashes
Good eyesight (I wear glasses)
Fair complexion

Now I am ready for another and have three embryos ready and waiting. I know I cannot manage more than two and I want one of each so I will be travelling overseas if I cannot select a girl embryo here. How ridiculous That I have to!

Some of these comments are really offensive. I would love to have one child & comments regarding the despair of not being able to determine the gender of a second, third or fourth child etc are ungrateful & selfis. Be thankful for what you have. Scientific research, money & time should be aimed at assisting those couples who want the love of at least one child regardless whether they are a boy, girl or something in between.

I have two great boys but really want a girl. the desire for a girl appeared unexpectedly and has been extremely upsetting. I desire this more than anything and became very depressed about it. I have lost several friends who all had little girls as I couldn't bear to be round them. two year sof counselling and the issue has not gone away. after I cried for three days straight when my cousin had her second girl, my husband and I decided to go overseas. by this stage I was 42 and my eggs are finished. we are now paying nearly $40k to go to the US and do this via egg donation. had I fallen pregnant during this time I would have had a cvs and terminated the wrong gender. I simply don't have the time to waste. Sad and harse but true. We are however donating our boy embies as they r very important to us. we don't have lots of money the money is our house deposit. I wish with all my heart we could have tried here.

The govt should consider sperm sorting like Microsort.

if believe if a couple, single women or same sex relationships are paying for the treatment then have all rights to choose the sex of the baby. People are entitled to choose what they want because its their money

I believe each case is different as for me I have 5 boys and pregnant again with another boy I would love to have the bond with a daughter but looks like I will never get the chance which makes me very sad :( I really hope the law changes very soon

I'm a former IVF patient. From one cycle, I got 11 embryos. Two of those became my sons. I would dearly have loved to have a little girl had one been found among the remaining embryos but that was not possible.

I did go through a grieving period for a time. This doesn't mean I love my sons any less and I am of course grateful to have them but the thought that my daughter may be waiting for me in a freezer at the clinic was a hard thing to live with. When I finally donated the embryos to research, that brought things to a close for me. I had always been planning to do this anyway but I realised later it was the fact that they still existed that was stopping me from moving on.

I do not understand why gender selection for reasons of family balancing should not be available. I certainly don't see it as paving the way to "designer babies". There is no rational reason why Australian couples are denied access to this choice which already exists in other countries.

I am all for gender selection I have 3 boys and i wouldn't change them for the world. I lost a little girl :( The dream of never having a girl is killing me inside. If people are willing to pay to choose the sex well why not they are a child that is so wanted and will be loved and cared for.

IVF is open to Singles, Couple, Gays but not open to a family's who just wants to balance their family. ( I do think there needs to be restrictions like 2 or 3 of the same sex so people don't just do it to get the pigeon pair). As for "Designer babies" It is nothing like that.

I really hope the law is changed Very very very soon.

I have done all the research and the right moves from the beginning to have a boy but after the 3rd time of getting girls, my 4th one should be a boy but afraid to conceive naturally and willing to fly to the nearest IVF clinic to select the sex of my next child. My wife is now 40, few more years she will not be able to give me a boy and I hope Australia should legalise choosing the sex of our next baby for family balancing.

I 100% support gender selection to be brought back into Australia.. I feel for those who can not become parents at all & feel honoured & blessed to be the mother of my FOUR beautiful, smart & affectionate boys.. BUT at the end of the day, how can anyone say that my desire for a daughter is selfish or "picky", if it was meant to be then it would happen naturally " the way god intended"..i do not go around saying " well, I'm sorry you can't have a baby, it's not gods will for you".. Instead I would say, there are so many reasorses available for people in your situation, to make your dream of becoming a parent come true, grab the opportunitIes available & make it happen! I am highly offended that we australians are being forced to go overseas to make our dreams come true.. I myself, crave & yern for a daughter for nothing more than to love..for my husband & sons to love.. How can this be considered, designer?! Or selfish?! Immoral?! Why are we behind here?! I dont understand...I've just started my journey into finding my daughter...I will do my research, and make our dream come true.. If I can do more to support bringing microsort/pgd back to Australia, please let me know what I can do..

Absolutely I believe it should be legalised in Australia!
I agree 100% with Candice about how people say that 'you should be happy with what you have, or it's not meant to be so deal with it 'because by no means would you say that to someone who can't naturally have children. It's just cruel and medical science has brought us so far that we can now allow childless couples to have their dreams come true. I don't see how this is any different to a couple that is unable to have a particular sex. It's something they desperately want and dream about, and they are willing to save for and pay for that they cannot do themselves... so what is the difference? What's the big deal? Who are they hurting?
It has nothing to do with the children they already have, only the one they don't.
Please support this and help these couples who I believe are in the exact same boat as infertile couples, just desperately wanting their dream to come true... Live and let live, right?

Thank you for writing this article. It is such a taboo subject that tends to have a lot of negative connotations. For that reason my husband and I chose to keep our IVF journey to conceive our daughter a secret. While in the process of investigating overseas clinics that allow PGD for gender selection, we discovered that we were (just) eligible to use IVF/PGD in Australia to select a female embryo. This was almost 3 years ago and if we had waited we wouldn't be able to do it today due to requirements becoming more strict.
We love our children equally, regardless of their gender, but we always wanted to experience parenting both genders. All children are individual, but after having both genders I can appreciate the inherent differences between bringing up girls and boys. It's magical and I wish that any one that wants that experience, and was willing to go through the emotion and financial rollercoaster that is IVF, should have that option.

I would love to be able to do family balancing in Australia. I have 3 boys and lost a little girl before our 3rd son and still long to get my baby girl back. I love my boys so much and they are my world but if it was legal ( i would pay anything to get my baby girl) i would complete my family with a little pink one.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it legal before my clock runs out.

When it took me ages to fall pregnant with my first son, it didn't bother me what sex my baby would be, i just wanted a healthy baby. But I always understood the people who want family balancing. What's it anyone's business what each family requires? I have 2 sons now and did want a 2nd son but would've been happy with a daughter. Now I am considering a 3rd child but would love a daughter. It's no one's business what I want nor is it anyone's right to tell me I can't use the modern medical practices that are readily available in other countries. I can't do gender selection ivf in Australia, I can't adopt a female orphan without a 10 year wait.. Australia doesn't allow anything..

The comments above, well God doesn't want me to have a girl, or those people who can't conceive so we should feel about and selfish..why are your desires more important than ours? Why are you so more important than us? As for God not wanting us to choose our sex, then I guess you can say to those who can't conceive that God doesn't want them to have a child. Oh but it is okay for them to use Ivf but not us! Everyone only sees what situation they are in and isn't looking at wanting what is best for each person/family. Modern medicine is there to help anyone and everyone.. If someone is terminally ill, medicine is there as an option to help, would you say to that person, well God wanted you to get terminally I'll? I seriously don't think you would.

Everyone needs not to worry about what the other person wants or does as, in actual fact, it doesn't affect their life at all.. doesn't cost society a cent, not their body going through it and basically none of anyone else's business!!!!

I am all for ivf gender selection for any reason .

I'm all for choosing the second child's sex! I have gone through IVF and can not conceive naturally so being able to choose the sex is great! I have a wonderful boy who I adore and am planning on doing IVF one more time and hope to be able to choose the sex as we don't have the funds to go numerous rounds of IVF to hopefully have a girl. In regards to god choosing the sex well that's just fine if you don't have to do IVF however god wouldn't have made man to discover this science! Why should government stand in the way of a happy family!

how about our family we love all our three girls but would love the opportunity to have a boy as it is something me and my wife want to balance the family and that most of our family have boys and girls but not us. it not a judgement thing or a god thing yes we believe in god but we have a lot of girls in our family but some family members have a boy so why not us we would and do love all equally, and individually so yes we are for gender selection.

I've always dreamt of becoming a mum but through many reasons I find myself childless at 41. I didn't hold off on purpose but the dream was of a family and I only met my wonderful man 2 years ago and for most of that we have been trying. Although I would thrilled with either sex I know that this will be our one and only child. When the technology is there why shouldn't we have the option? It seems so unfair to go through the difficult and long journey of IVF and not have some control of the outcome. I think its easier for young women to have no preference as they will probably be having more than 1 child therefore increasing their chances of having both genders.

I am also eager to have a boy.

I think it's extremely difficult to not be tempted to use the available technology, if it wasn't an option perhaps we would have not given up trying after our fourth son however knowing its a possibility we have not rushed into the procedure as we wanted to make sure we could manage a fifth child. Our fourth son is divine however incredibly challenging and it has taken him to turn 8 for us to feel we can cope with another child.
I have also tried my hardest to be grateful which we are more than you can imagine but as above we are surrounded by boys in our families and I have dreamt of having a sister or a daughter all my life.
I do feel guilty however it's an emotion I find so difficult to fight.
I am now faced with my age being an issue as to whether I will even get pregnant. This combined with lack of funds to be travelling to and from the States as it will most likely take several cycles and having our children looked after with their busy schedules all make it near impossible.
I think modifications should be set in place to avoid social issues, perhaps you should have to have 3 or more of one sex.
I can't see this harming anyone and can't imagine however she turns out how much I would love and cherish her.. Of all the awful things people do this is the complete opposite. I think this is extremely responsible and if couples are prepared to go to these great lengths and expenses they should definitely be allowed.
I'm also sure the majority of people objecting are not in this position and as usual the most judgmental are judging from an unknown place.

I totally agree with gender selection. We have five beautiful girls which we love very dearly but would also love to have a son. Not a day goes by that my girls don't ask when are we getting a baby brother? It breaks my heart to tell them that it won't happen. Because we have this regulation I am now older and if the regulation was to be changed here I would have to use donor eggs. I have looked into going overseas but when you add on egg donor costs it is totally unaffordable even to the wealthy. Please change the regulation to allow it.

We have 5 girls and would dearly love a boy. Please allow sex selection in australia. Why are we always so behind the times. We pay for it and we raise our own children Why shouldn't we choose?

I also have 3 boys love them so much but would love a girl to complete my family. but scared only one more chance because i have had 3 csections. so please allow it in australia soon. please

I have 3 beautiful little men who I love SO much and would not swap any of them for a girl, BUT, I feel so much grief that I do not have a daughter. The day I found out I was having my 3rd son (and my last baby) I cried my eyes out and remember thinking this is the worst day of my life. How can it be possible that I would never have the experience of having a daughter? After 3 years I can see that adding a little girl to our family would be of benefit to all of us. It is DEFINATELY NOT just about me having a daughter. My boys would be thrilled to have a sister and would love to see my husband with a little girl. If PGD was legal in Australia, I 'may' have had the opportunity to have a baby girl but unfortunately for me I think my time has nearly run out. Can somebody please advise what or who may be taking action on this legislation so I can do my best to help make PGD available to families in Australia?

I totally support gender selection in Australia, which should be considered as basic human right--freedom. Is the gender selection ban in Austrlia going to be reviewed sometime this year? if not, can anyone suggest how to organize a treatment oversea? American or Thailand?

Please allow gender selection in Australia, it is heart breaking for many couples to not experience the joys of raising both sexes.
I too am in this predicament.

Me and my husband have three beautiful girls an wish to have another in the near future an we would love this to be legalised in Australia so we can have our desired baby boy!

The way I figure it is, never ever judge unless you walk a mile in someone elses shoes. If you cant have babies then its no ones fault and we dont know how you feel unless we can sympathise with you, but we cant Im sorry. If you havent found love till 40 we cant sympathise with that either, Im sorry. If you have three of the same sex YES we can. I love all 3 of my boys. It makes me so angry to be judged by people who have NO idea what it feels like to walk a mile in my shoes. Im a great mother I have an amazing husband, we have amazing boys and I have learnt to accept what Ive been given, I dont want to replace what I have I only want to love a daughter, to brush her long golden hair, for someone to say she looks like me, to say shes daddys little girl, to hand down my wedding dress to her, to watch her get married, to help her when she has a child of her own, to give her nana a granddaughter after not having a daughter, to sharing the most amazing bond with my mum and to have the bond to my own daughter, to losing the closest sister in the world to me. Its the bond and connection that we crave, its the bond that I see when my boys wrestle their daddy and Im watching from the sideline. Im sorry to all of you that cant understand, or wont try to. I will have a daughter and she will be loved just like my boys. Her name will be Grace Eileen. There was only ever one name picked out and its my final try. If I see a Y on the screen abortion is the thing I would sadly consider and this is why it should be legallised. Dont deny peoples right to be great parents. None of these gender balancing families look down the nose at IVF babies who are 'artificially' created. So so sad....

After 7 cycles of icsi/ivf 8 miscarriages & 2 beautiful baby boys, I more than anybody should be happy right? Well, i would do almost anything to have a little girl. We have 2 embryos in storage from our last cycle and we are contemplating trying a frozen cycle. Problem is this will be our last shot & I am quite sure the 2 in storage are boys (timeline of developmental). PGD is more in depth than just wishing for a particular sex but it should be for the well informed parent/s to decide morality/risks involved.It is easy for people who have never had to go down this path to sit in judgement or say if god wanted you to have a girl he will decide. Well, sorry ,but if I left it up to God i would be childless! I whole heartedly praise the marvel of ivf despite the fact in my experience i have endured more heart break than i thought possible. Sex selection is far from a "designer baby" & I honestly do not believe it would sway the overall gender balance significantly 1 way or the other. Not everyone has a deep internal heavy heart with the sadness they will never have the joy of being a parent to a little boy or little girl and unfortunately people do terminate a healthy baby based purely on sex or go to a foreign country and take a gamble or have more children than they really want or can afford in hopes that 'this time" i will get what i want. We have the means of gender selection and it is legal here only under certain circumstances but i am strongly of the opinion it should be made available for family balance with all the information of what that actually means made available.

I agree with gender selection and if not legalised in Australia I might have to go overseas for treatment.

It is need to be legalised in Australia .