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Want a baby in 2016?

Make 2016 your year and join the Four Week Fertility Facts Program – it all kicks off January 17th

When you’re trying to conceive, it can seem like everyone becomes an expert on how you and your partner can try to make it happen. Your well-meaning friends may suggest a host of different tips and techniques you’ve never heard of and some that you have, leaving you to sort through all the conflicting advice.

That’s why Queensland Fertility Group, IVFAustralia and Melbourne IVF developed the four week fertility facts program.

In 2015, our program assisted over 5,000 women with their fertility journeys. Following its success, we’re running the program again! This time our counterparts at TasIVF and Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore are getting involved too, allowing even more women to access the right information they need to conceive.

What is the Four Week Fertility Facts Program?

Developed by leading fertility specialists, the program is designed to help you better understand your fertility and ways to enhance your chances of conception. You’ll receive an email each week, commencing January 17th, that will equip you with the key facts you need to help make 2016 your year to get pregnant.

Over four weeks the program covers:

  • Ovulation and timing of intercourse to maximise your chances of conception
  • Health & lifestyle factors that affect fertility and the importance of age
  • Common medical conditions that may affect his and her fertility
  • What your options are if you’re doing everything right, but it’s still not happening

Who should register?

The Four Week Fertility Facts program is suitable for anyone trying to conceive, from those who have just started trying for a baby through to those who may have been trying for a while.

Register now

Register for the fertility facts program below in your state today - it all starts on January 17th.

After all, what better New Year’s resolution is there than to make 2016 the year you get pregnant!

Here’s what others had to say about last year’s program:

“I am glad I stumbled upon this program. It has definitely helped me be a bit more patient and hopeful. It has assured me that I am not alone in this journey and I have others and you to help me, support me and guide me. Thank you for being there!”

“I found the topics raised opened up not only my knowledge but those in my family/friends group as I would talk to them about each email I would receive.”

“I think it was a great program with really good content and links to extra resources.”

“I really thought it was informative. We have a 18 month old and are trying to conceive our next child. This program just came along at the right time for us.”


need for us
i take so much treatment and spend so money in malaysia but i can not got baby and i already 02 miscarriage and 01 baby after born dead so you please some thing do for me , i have all treatments documents
I will like to receive email about the program
Really wish this Wil help me get pregnant