Fertility Care

As you're planning for what's ahead, there's so much to consider and process. Care can be anything from counselling, why isn't it happening for me, to how to cope with miscarriages. We've got topics to help you get through.

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Written by Elise Atkinson
18 Dec
Written by Dr Anne Coffey
03 Dec


Fertility treatments don't just mean IVF. There's a long list of treatments available for men and women depending on your individual needs. Let's break these down. 

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Endometriosis and fertility

It’s not all bad news when it comes to endometriosis – and the good news is there’s a lot we can do about it.

Written by Dr David Molloy
15 Jan

3 women on why they chose to freeze their eggs

*This article was first published by Business Chicks

Women today experience a double-edged sword when it comes to starting a family.

Written by Blog Admin
02 Nov

Family Planning

Starting the journey to parenthood?

Here's everything you need to know. 

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7 myths about trying to conceive

One of the great ironies in a woman’s life is that after spending most of our 20s trying not to get pregnant, we then wind up in our 30s or 40s desperately trying to do the opposite.
Written by Virtus Health
03 Oct

Why at the age of 29 I decided to freeze my eggs

Nikki Goldstein, 31, chose to freeze her eggs two years ago. Here she tells the reasons why.
Written by Dr Nikki Goldstein
06 Aug


Lifestyle is full of tips and tricks to help you get prepared for the path to parenthood. 

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Written by Dr Anne Coffey
03 Dec

How to mentally prepare for fertility treatment

Preparing for IVF treatment isn’t easy; add into the mix juggling relationships, work and other every day realities, and it can become extremely overwhelming. We spoke to fertility counsellor Melissa Stephens to get some tips to help try and manage the stress of these situations.

Written by Melissa Stephens
09 Nov

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