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Fertility and Smoking

Clear the air for your fertility, pregnancy and baby.
Written by Dr Raelia Lew
09 Jun

Four dietary tips to consider when you’re trying to conceive

Women and couples who are trying to conceive are often looking for answers about what they should be eating during this time. Particularly women who are struggling to conceive.

Written by Melanie McGrice
27 Jan

8 ways to survive the festive season when you’re having difficulties trying to conceive

The festive season can be challenging for many people, particularly if you’re experiencing difficulties getting pregnant, as you navigate extended family members asking about your plans for starting a family.

Written by Tanja Faessler-Moro
19 Nov

How can weight affect fertility?

When women and couples who are experiencing difficulties with conception are overweight, they have generally already heard or read the advice that being overweight reduces their chance of falling pregnant.

Written by Dr Robert Lahoud
13 Aug

Conceived by IVF or not, don’t you believe your child is brilliant?

Every parent wants the best for their children. For some parents, this can translate into a tendency to believe their child is super-smart. Why?

Written by Dr Lyndon Hale
22 Jun

Current study: Can acupuncture support IVF treatment?

Many people use complementary or alternative therapies to improve their overall physical and emotional health. Some women also consider using these therapies to prepare their body for pregnancy or support them through fertility treatment.

Written by Assoc. Prof. Gavin Sacks
19 Jun